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Multi Lingual Content Management System

Site Creator New Release

imageSite Creator has undergone some seriously cool changes. New page management features, better control of content in large sites, and best of all - it now has complete multi language support!

What does this mean? Well, if you need to have your web site in two or more languages, now it's incredibly easy to manage. Images can be language linked, or independent. Pages that don't have a version in the language of choice will automatically default back to the "base" language of the site - in our case English. This eliminates replicating a site simply so you can have a few pages in a different language.

Our Dynamic Applications Platform has always had complete language support. By leveraging this technology, Site Creator moves into a new league.

  • Site Creator's advanced database storage engine supports as many languages as you require.
  • All your content is managed in the same place using the same tool.
  • Pass your English page link to your translator and they can create the new language version of the site, without having to copy images or other links.
  • Update your image once, and if it's not language linked, it will update on all pages automatically.

  • We have not yet updated all the content of our site to other languages, but we have done this news item! So, use the new language selector at the bottom of the page and give it a try. (Chinese (The top one) and French have been done. Other pages on the site will currently default back to English so you will not see any changes. That's the point! We didn't need to copy the site or completely re-work it.