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Tangalooma Plans for the Future

DAP Adoped as the way forward

imageWe are very pleased to announce that the management of Tangalooma Island Resort have agreed to contract MSI to deliver the next stage of their I.T growth strategy.

Tangalooma has a long standing relationship with MSI, dating back to the mid 1980's. In those days, MSI helped to develop and support a 'green screen' Resort management package called ResCom. ResCom was originally developed by Duncan Computer Research based in Brisbane, and went on to be heavily modified and subsequently supported by MSI. Tangalooma have their own internal I.T team, who have continued to significantly enhance the product over many years, including Time Share and Resort Facilities management.

As that technology finally lived out it's useful life (after over 20 years!), Tangalooma decided to move to the Clear Enterprise* ERP product as a basis for a new Resort system. MSI implemented the original incarnation of this product, and subsequently built the Resort Management foundation using the Clear Enterprise* ERP product. MSI worked with the internal I.T team to train them in development technologies using Clear Enterprise*, supplying key tools to enable dramatic customisation of the Clear Enterprise* product.

In June 2013, Tangalooma began preparations for the next phase of their I.T strategy. After close consultation with MSI, Tangalooma has agreed to adopt our Dynamic Application Platform (DAP) as their building block of the future. Being both Operating System and Database (RDMS) independant, DAP will provide the type of long term stability that Tangalooma became accustomed to in their 'green screen' days. By keeping development in-house, the intention is to own the product and therefore become masters of their own destiny. For example, development might start on a Windows based Server today talking to a MS Sequel datbase, then in 15 years time move to run on the latest Apple Mac Pro OSX server talking to a MySQL database - with no changes to the code what-so-ever. To highlight this important point further, they could even run a server cluster made up of both Windows and OSX servers as one instance - working together seamlessly.

MSI have also been selected as First Line Support agents for the current encumbent Clear Enterprise* based legacy system - given our expertise in the product and our domain knowledge. Already, we are working with Tangalooma's web design and online strategy company to deliver fully integrated online bookings for the first time using the legacy Clear Enterprise* platform.

We are very excited to be working with Tangalooma again, and look forward to the next 20 years.

* "Clear Enterprise" is a trademark owned by Clear Objective Limited. MSI are in no way affiliated with Clear Objective Limited and make no claims whatsoever regarding the Clear Enterprise ERP product.