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DAP Mobile released via Google Play

imageWe are very pleased to announce that the mobile version of our revolutionary DAP product has now been successfully released on Google Play, highlighting the truly cross platform nature of our development.

Our DAP Mobile app leverages all of the work done to-date on the desktop DAP Client, and allows complete code reusability with minimal extra coding required to move a desktop-centric application, to be fully mobilised.

Or first commercial app has been completed, with deep functionality and amazingly back-ends onto the legacy ERP product Clear Enterprise. There was nothing special required to achieve this, as we could leverage all the existing Clear Enterprise interopability we developed over 7 years ago without modification.

If you have an app that you have in mind, why not contact us to talk about using our leading edge app development platform. Changes appear immediately in the installed app, without the need to re-publish via the app store. Development means both iOS and Android phones are supported out of the box. No app too large, no app too small.

As more case studies come to hand, we will post them here.