Site Creator is our Flagship Content Management System (CMS), giving you complete control over your dynamic Web Site content.*

There are many CMS products in the market today. The idea that you can control your own web site is after all appealing. Cutting out the "Web Master" from the loop is often a cost and time saving initiative. However, there are some pitfalls for this process that we believe we have addressed with Site Creator.

We are not all Artists and Web Designers

The first problem with taking the content management "in house" is that one quickly finds that the content of a web site, like any public document or marketing collateral, requires some skill in it's creation. We are not all creatively gifted, or for that matter even vaguely adequate at coming up with a look and feel that really says "quality, finish and image". Most of us would be pleased if it doesn't simply say "I did this myself"!

So, enter the "Template". Templates are supposed to solve all this by letting one choose from a mind boggling number of pre packaged "looks", slapping ones logo on the top and "hey presto", instant web site. Well, unfortunately you get what pretty much looks exactly like that. Even worse, you may make the worst of all social gaffs and choose one that someone has seen somewhere else!

Eventually, you have your shiny new Web Site, and, it may even look OK. However, give it six to twelve months with several people adding content, several different "great ideas" about a new colour to use and a new font, and pretty soon your site goes the way of many before it.. It turns into a disaster of conflicting concepts, different templates etc making it an unprofessional and embarrassing blot on the webscape!

Our Approach - The Site Creator way

We discuss your needs directly with you in a consultative process, Listening to what you are trying to "say" with your web site. It could be simple "Brochure Ware", Slide Shows of product with an About Us page, or a huge project with active content, video content and much more. Then, our team prepare concepts, ideas and examples of where we are heading. After several iterations of this are complete and everyone is happy with the new design, we THEN create the "templates". (Yes, there are templates)

Part of the strength of Site Creators concept is what you CAN'T do. You can't redesign the pages, you can't change the templates after they are delivered. That's a good thing, because you paid good money to have them designed in the first place, so we lock in that design. Years later, with possibly hundreds of new pages added by you and your co-workers to your site, it will still look "Brand New". Not one aspect of the original design will have been watered down and lost. The corporate "Look and Feel" has been maintained - and that's the point.

Site Creator lets you add an unlimited number of pages in your site. It supports auto filled pages for "News" items and the like. It also supports automatic RSS feeds from any items in your site. Complete support for Google Analytics is built in. The templates we create can look like anything, do anything and grab content from anywhere. The point is that you work within the boundaries that were agreed to in the design meetings, and then your investment is assured.

Of course, there are many technical gee wiz features in Site Creator, but quite frankly, who cares! Of course you would expect a slick Web Based design tool that's incredibly easy to use, multi user, and backed by an SQL database. But at the end of the day, you really just want to get in, maintain your professional looking site like a pro, and get out again without feeling any pain. Site Creator can do that really well. If you really want to know the details, just drop us a line or Skype us and we'll tell you everything you want to know.

If you are in Australia, we are more than happy to meet face to face for the design meetings. If not, unless you particularly need the personal touch, we can organise web based meetings to preview all works and have digital signoff for the project before and after completion. Your total satisfaction with your Web Site investment is assured.

Please Contact us to receive the attention to detail to require.