The following rates apply to all forms of work performed. If a large project is required, we will provide a fixed price if possible, and if not, then an agreed rate will be quoted.

General - Ad Hoc

Developer / Consultant
$ 220 / Hourly
$ 1,760 / Daily
Senior Consultant
$ 350 / Hourly
$ 2,800 / Daily

"General - Ad Hoc" means that you have no contracts in place, and simply want to pay as you go.

Pre-Paid Service Packs

20 Hour Service Pack
$ 4,000
  • ($200 / hour)
30 Hour Service Pack
$ 5,700
  • ($190 / hour)
60 Hour Service Pack
$ 10,800
  • ($180 / hour) Best value

"Pre-Paid Service Pack" means purchasing X number of hours in advance, and then drawing down those hours on ANY task you like. e.g. Training, New Reports, other customisations, Legacy ERP Consulting etc. Service Packs cover both Developers and Senior Consultants. MSI will allocate resources as required at the same flat rate.

Large Projects


"Large Project" means a project that is estimated at being more than 120 hours. The type of project typically would be quoted as a single fixed price, with a 50% deposit with order, 25% on delivery for User Acceptance testing and the final 25% on projet delivered. Jobs that you would expect to find in this category would be a large customised portal, new and extensive customisations within your Legacy ERP etc.

Service Contracts Section

We offer a unique form of support contract - offering the customer excellent value for money together with peace of mind.

Our support structure operates on a monthly payment model, predicated on the number of concurrent users. Under the umbrella of support, we address an array of software-related concerns, including "Server Outages" and other potential disruptions that might impact system accessibility. Our assurance includes software bug resolution in any completed customizations.

The key distinction lies in the provision of allocated hours per month, integrated within the support fee. These hours serve as a flexible asset for a range of needs, be it crafting a new report, implementing customisations, training, or tackling hardware issues. Consider it a versatile toolbox to cater to a wide range of evolving necessities.

Our support contract embodies a dual role—a reliable shield for routine support requirements and an opportunity for enhancement, akin to a service pack. The monthly hours allocated, though not carried over, encourage a proactive approach to system enhancement.

With us, you have a dependable partner for any challenges that arise. Whether it's training for a new team member or scoping out a new project, you can count on us—without the extra hassle or charges.

The allocated hours vary based on your operational scale and monthly support fee, usually catering to a wide range of tasks. Should your needs exceed the monthly allocation, we offer options: either wait until the new month or seamlessly top up with a service pack.

Our goal is to provide a supportive ecosystem that streamlines your operations, helping you to grow and succeed.