Our DAP product is based on the Adobe Flex(tm) environment. A powerful, leading edge Web Applications development tool. DAP however is more than just a specific Flex Application, it's an Application Development Platform. This means that the DAP client is always the same. It is a "container" for all the commands that are sent to it from the server, that actually drive the content. It's like a "Super Browser" if you like, in that it simply renders the forms and information sent to it. In doing so, it opens a world of power, ease and sophistication to the Web Application Experience. Users quickly forget that they are actually using a Web Based application, as the DAP desktop replaces all the familiar functionality that one is used to "normal" desktop bound applications.


  • Multi Lingual - Any number of languages supported at design time and instantly changed via drop down selection, even during use of a form!
  • Any number of concurrent forms open and in use at a time.
  • True Multi Thread processing - concurrent queries running in different forms at the same time in one session
  • "Push" data from the server supported for real time updates of forms, and asynchronous data processing
  • Entire Application Suites can be managed via the built in Application design tools
  • Built in Web based form design tool. Build the most complicated forms you can think of with ease. This is not a simple "Dump the table to the Grid" tool. Real, multi featured application style forms are supported.
  • Authenticated Session, or Non Authenticated sessions available. Build small applets, or large Applications using the same tools. e.g. Small window on Web site showing price catalogue items, or full sales portal, invoice enquiry, orders etc.
  • Much Much More..

Legacy ERP Integration

DAP v1.00 used a Legacy ERP Server backend. The current version has moved away from that as the main platform, however, it is still 100% backwardly compatible. This is great news for all Legacy ERP users! This is what DAP brings to the trapped Legacy ERP user;

  • Feature Rich, modern user environment
  • Works with virtually any database, even non-SQL based.
  • Bring full drag and drop support to Legacy ERP Applications. ANY item can be drag/drop enabled.
  • Multi Database support. Open as many databases as you like in the same session at the same time! Drag products from the product form in the "Live" database and Drop onto the product form of the "Archive" database and have them automatically transferred (for example)
  • Powerful Image support. Link images to products and have them stored in Document management - but - you can have them automatically resized and quality corrected at the same time! Perfect for managing images for product catalogues.

Your Legacy ERP has never looked so good! If you are wanting to get more value from your Legacy ERP, you really MUST see this product. We have already created many great applications using DAP - Sales Portals, Agent Portals and Public facing Direct Retail Sales to name just a few.

Web exposure is a critical part of virtually any business these days. More and more, companies are judged by their web site quality, and more importantly, their eCommerce facilities. We make Legacy ERP products look fantastic, and bring all of their features to the fore.

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