In June this year, we held a 10 day development sprint in Paris France. The main goals being to complete the beta version of our new DAP mobile app, and complete the integration of Websockets as the primary data transport method for our desktop and mobile streams

We are pleased to announce both goals were achieved and the sprint was declaired a complete success! Not only did our Ukrainian developer Vasyl and founder / CTO Warwick Prince achieve both the key goals, they also delivered changes to the core DAP server enabling timezone aware multi-tenant hosting! This allows us to better serve our interstate and International customers from our Brisbane based data centre.

DAP Mobile

he P in DAP stands for Platform - Dynamic Application Platform. With our mobile app, we set out to continue our unique approach to system development by creating a mobile platform that continues in this tradition. The new mobile DAP allows us to deploy 1 (one) app on the Apple or Android App Stores, and that single app will allow any of our users to access their own fully dedicated and customised sites - just like having their own dedicated 'App'. If required, we can package a specific Custom App for a client if they require deep branding for their customers. This does not require any extra development.

All the benifits of having a real app (against having a web based pseudo app) are exploited, whilst maintaining the flexibility of making modifications to the application and having them instantly usuable in the field.

Watch this space as the first round of mobile DAP solutions hit the streets!