Warwick embarked on his IT journey in 1981 in Brisbane, commencing as a Software Engineer and Systems Analyst. Swiftly etching a reputation as a forward-thinker, he soon caught the attention of Duncan Computer Research Pty. Ltd., where he rose to the role of Lead Programmer and Systems Analyst—a role he championed for numerous years. Following the acquisition of Duncan Computer Research by Bond Corporation in the mid-1980s, Warwick ascended to the pivotal position of CTO at Bond Information Technology.

In 1988, Warwick's entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Mushroom Systems, a venture that birthed their own pioneering ERP product. This product, known as 'Roll Model,' would go on to reign over the market landscape of Australia and New Zealand for over a decade in the Floorcovering warehouse management sector.

Over the course of 42 years, Warwick honed his mastery in a diverse range of domains, from ERP and Manufacturing to Real-Time Online Systems and E-commerce. Throughout this journey, he has catered to esteemed clients including Castlemaine Fourex, Brisbane Airports Corporation, Forbo Floorcoverings, Polyflor Australia, Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort, Andersens Carpets, P.R. Floors, United Cellars, BULK Group, Leisure Collective and an array of other multinational entities.

Warwick's legacy extends to his role as a co-founder of CServ, a pioneering force in ERP, CRM, Web, and mobility solutions. This endeavor was further cemented when Amazing Technologies Corp (US Based). acquired CServ in 2005.

The visionary architect and lead developer behind the dynamic masterpiece that is the Dynamic Applications Platform, Warwick remains at the forefront of innovation, continuously steering the company towards groundbreaking technologies and prospects.

In 2011, Warwick momentarily assumed the mantle of Contract General Manager (R&D) for ComOps Limited, a testament to his versatile capabilities. However, his heart found its way back to MSI, where he now thrives full-time.

As Mushroom Systems commemorates its remarkable 35-year journey, Warwick's indelible contributions continue to shape its legacy and propel it toward ever-new horizons.