Some time ago, we established a foundational framework for conducting our business – a distilled embodiment of our beliefs, guiding our internal interactions as well as our relationships with customers and suppliers.

While maintaining the utmost professionalism has always been our practice, it can be challenging to convey this ethos to new team members who are new to this mindset. There have been instances when we needed to evaluate decisions concerning complex scenarios, and occasions where we needed to address unreasonable demands from our customers.

In such scenarios, having a defined benchmark to rely on has proven invaluable, consistently guiding us.

We adhere to the F.A.I.R approach:

Fairness: Is the action or decision equitable to all parties involved, including the Company and the Customer?
Accountability: Are you ready to take responsibility for your actions and stand accountable for the choices you make?
Integrity: Does your decision reflect a commitment to integrity, open to scrutiny and examination?
Respect: Does your choice demonstrate respect for all parties impacted by the decision?

If an option does not stand up to the FAIR test, it is swiftly discarded. This principle is straightforward, impactful, and quantifiable.