Some time back we settled on a "base-line" for doing business - a way of distilling the very essence of what we believe, and how we relate internally and with our customers and suppliers.

We always conducted ourselves with the utmost professionalism, but sometimes it's hard to quantify that sentiment when training new staff who may be new to this way of thinking. At times, we have needed to check a decision that we were making in relation to a difficult situation, and on occasions, we have needed to draw attention to unrealistic demands being made on us by customers.

In all these situations, it has proven invaluable to have a specified measuring stick to use, which always works..

We use the F.A.I.R approach.

Fair. Is the action / decision you are planning Fair to all parties. i.e. The Company, and the Customer?
Accountability. Are you Accountable for your actions, and willing to be held accountable for this decision?
Integrity. Are you acting in Integrity, and be willing to have your integrity examined on this Decision?
Respect Are you showing Respect to all parties with this decision?

If the choice we are making fails the FAIR test, then it does not go past that point. Simple - Effective and Measurable.