MSI are very please to announce that the latest incarnation of it's successful DAP product has now been created. pyDAP is born.

Our DAP (Dynamic Applications Platform) product has been very successfully implemented at several of our ERP customers. It has bought a new level of functionality, productivity and professionalism to their ERP product over the past three years. The only "problem" with this great system is that it's based on the Legacy ERP server as it's backend!

In January 2010, we began the huge task of a complete redesign and rewrite of the server-side engine that drives DAP. We chose the (very cool) Python language to facilitate this, and have been extremely impressed with how much we have been able to achieve with this language in such a short time.

The new product, code named "pyDAP", is a bigger, better, faster, more reliable, more scalable version of the original product. Within the framework, we have considered things like remote printing (not via a print screen or download/print of a PDF document), push notifications, automatic collaboration amongst users, scalable performance to 1000's of concurrent users, hosted environments, Cloud versions etc etc. It's Big. Following our standard practise of ensuring a clean upgrade path for our customers, the new environment even allows access to data in the old Legacy ERP ISAM Database! This means that new systems (written in Python) could still access legacy data seamlessly. Natively however, pyDAP is more at home with SQL (virtually any flavour).

Yesterday (15/07/2010) saw the first end-to-end test of the server framework with a test bench client - and it works! This is a key stage in the product road map.

Watch this space for more development news, or contact us for more information.