We are please to announce that some development work we have been doing in Python has been released back to the open source community and has been incorporated in the core product.

Recently, we began work on an excellent Python project called python-excel, which allows developers (like us) to create Excel XLS files dynamically in code, without needing Microsoft Excel installed on the PC or server. In fact, the files can be read or created even on a Linux based system. Although the system was excellent, we found that it did not support the Autofit function that is commonly used in Excel to make all the columns automatically size themselves to the content within. So, we decided to write the code and create that functionallity within the code library.

Needless to say, it all works really well and we are pleased to be able to off the code back to the community as it appears to be a much desired feature.

The great new features available in this library have been made available to many of the ERP products we support. Contact Us for more details.