For many years, we have been at the leading edge of development with regard to ECommerce web site and enterprise grade web based applications.

As "early adopter" Adobe Flex developers, we quickly saw the benefits of using this powerful and dynamic environment. Our investment in this direction has paid dividends with the recent release of the AIR platform thus allowing our web based applications to be compiled to run as desktop applications. AIR is a platform independent (Runs on Windows or Mac) runtime environment created by Adobe.

e-Bay, The Commonwealth Bank of Australia and other large organisations have been quick to embrace this new and exciting technology.

Our Web Based applications look and feel like real desktop applications. Gone are the days of "Please don't press the Back button" messages..

Many of our customers have reported unprecedented Return On Investment having implemented our ECommerce solutions. One, even gained complete ROI before the site went live, simply by providing a demo to a new potential client and winning the deal based on the service levels they were GOING to be able to provide!

Talk to us now about how we can make the web your market place.